World Hair Transplant Repair Day

11 NOVEMBER, 2022

ISHRS member Dr. Eleojo Achimugu of The Mae clinic London, is participating in World Hair Transplant Repair Day and encourages affected patients in the community to learn more through the campaign’s website at

“Each year, countless patients around the world suffer irreparable results due to hair transplants performed in the wrong hands,” said Dr. Achimugu. “I have seen firsthand how permanent visible scarring, infection, thin patches of hair, patches of bald spots and over-harvested donor areas can be devastating on patients. By participating in the ISHRS’s World Hair Transplant Repair Day, my goal is to help local victims of incorrectly performed hair transplants done by unlicensed technicians by providing them a chance to receive corrective surgery at no cost.”

London hair restoration physician offers local victims of hair transplant surgeries from fraudulent, illicit clinics a chance to receive free corrective surgery.

When performed by a qualified physician trained in the art and science of hair transplantation, hair restoration surgery is an excellent procedure for treating hair loss safely and effectively. In the wrong hands, hair transplants performed illegally on the black market can have devastating results.

To help people who have been victims of incorrectly performed of hair transplant surgeries done illegally by unlicensed technicians, the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) — the world’s leading medical authority on hair loss and hair restoration — will host its second “World Hair Transplant Repair Day” on November 11, 2022. The event is part of the ISHRS’s Fight the FIGHT global consumer awareness campaign launched in 2019 in response to this widespread problem and the substantial risks posed to patients. Fight the FIGHT is an acronym for Fight the Fraudulent, Illicit, and Global Hair Transplants.