Gashee™ Botanical Hair Lotion


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Gashee Natural Botanical Hair Lotion by Dr.UGro is Dermatologist formulated, tested and approved. Made with herbal extracts and oils by a cold formulation process, to preserve the best that nature has to offer by avoiding the destructive effect of heat.

Gashee Natural Botanical Hair Lotion is formulated using well research natural phytoactive ingredients to support, condition, nourish and boost your growing hair in harmony with holistic hair health and your preferred hair grooming practices

Gashee liquid lotion can be applied to the scalp by spritz or a dropper. Ideal for natural or chemically treated long hair, braids, dreadlocks, weaves, or natural free flowing hair. The plant blend is designed to trickle down the hair shaft to the scalp for optimal hair boosting nourishment and direct hair stimulation.